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Baby Boomers are the most powerful demographic group in history. Businesses thrives or fails based on their ability to keep pace with the likes and dislikes of this economic powerhouse known as the baby boomers/5(1).

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A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom between the years andaccording to the U.S. Census Bureau b. Levittown is a hamlet in the Town of Hempstead located in.

Society needs to realize that there is an urgency because the Baby boomers The term Baby Boom refers to a rise in birth rates following the Great Depression in the 's and more specifically after World War 2. 3/5(21). Brian Phillips is a former staff writer for Grantland and a former senior writer for MTV News.

He has written for The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, and Slate, among other publications, and his work has appeared in Best American Sports Writing and Best American Magazine lives in central Pennsylvania.

Impossible Owls is his first book.

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